TYPE OF DANCE: Pantsula Dance

SYNOPSIS: The play portrays a daily lifestyle of the current pantsula generation. Revealing the daily hardships and luxuriousness in both personal and artistic behavior of a pantsula(hustler).Gone are those days of joy in life, gone are those days of happiness to us, our brothers and sisters are much educated but now their jobless, they`ve got all what it takes and all what it means but now their hungry. Education now is meaningless. the journey takes us through trial and error which put us in the spot to understand that today’s decisions are tomorrows realities Whether you are a hustler, Criminal, or superstar. This is a marathon between drama, music and pantsula dance.

PROPS: Chairs,crates,walking stick
TYPE OF MUSIC: mix tape (own music)
MUSIC BY: Mataupane

DANCERS: sibusiso mthembu,david mokale,jabu dlamini, Nkosana mlauzi,pule ngcaba,Pele Gae



Explanations of Scenes:

Platform scene -it’s early South African morning where everybody get ready to different hustle in life.

Construction:it’s about the hustle that man went through especially when you are not educated

Car wash Scene:it talks about township car wash where young boys made pocket money for themselves since there’s no jobs.

Shebeen scene : its where most people gather for drinks while watching soccer others are from work and you find different people with different reasons in a club or shebeen

Hunters /Tradition scene :it’s a way of hustle to go hunt so that you can put food on the table and it’s all about our south African tradition we embrace our culture since Pantsula is inspired by our traditional dances &

Stunt/tycoon scene:here we give different dance stunt where everyone show himself individually with a form of choreography showcasing their expensive clothes and celebrating their different success in life.