Lady G Brown

Lady G Brown

DJ Lady G Brown was born in Benguela, Angola and currently lives in Lisbon, Portugal.

All my inspiration comes from the message and the groove that music can transmit, the feelings and emotions that flows with the notes and rhythms that  makes people dance and smile whether they are in a Night bar or next to the beach at the end of a day, watching the sun go down and the sea embracing the sand.

Fela Kuti, Manu Dibango, OneLess Of Juju, Black Coffee, Erykan Badu, Bob Marley and so on. My Dj sets can travel you around Afro sounds from the 60ths to the new afro Music produced in our days.
I believe that we all need more love and welfare; music is like cooking, the difference is done through the ingredients; Ingredients flavor the moments.

Lady G Brown, appeared for the first time 12 years ago at a bar named Bob Rasta& has animated well known night bars that have a long history such as Jamaica, Souk, Europa, Music Box, in Portugal.
Resident in Lisbon you can listen to her Dj sets in mainstream bars such as Casa Independente, Velha Senhora, Clube Ferroviário & Bar Povo.

Invited to play sets in: Sardinia / Italy (Reffetorio), Innsbruck / Austria ( Nu Tupia), Stuttgart / Germany (Club Zollamt).
Last year appeared at Boom Festival of Portugal (Idanha-a-Nova) and Luanda / Angola (Club Pátria).
Invited to participate this year in (Riddim Bar-Kulturtreff) Austria the (6/02/)

LadyGBrown loves performing arts and has some ongoing projects:
AFROBLU Dj sets together with Johnny J. Gomes e Dj Lucky.
Africa Festival (Belem Tower of Lisbon)
Afican Film Festival (S.Jorge cinema 1st. & 2nd edition
SoundSistahs Airlines: a Project of music & poetry together with Ingrid Fortez, among others that join the group.

+351 920354303