Johnny Cooltrain

Johnny Cooltrain – Dj Johnny

The name won’t go unnoticed, even by the most unaware people. With 20 years as a DJ under his belt, he has performed in more underground club parties and larger scale music festivals. On the front line, he witnessed first hand the development of dance music in the Portuguese scene. His radio programmes – first on RCP and XFM, then on radio Marginal and Radio Oxigénio (as one of the projet’s mentors) – have been one of the drivers of the drum’n’bass movement in Portugal. But his musical universe goes far beyond that: He focuses on the meeting of jazz, soul, hip hop, semba, Afro dance Hall reggae sounds with more modern dance musical languages.

A founding member of Cooltrain Crew, Raska Sound System and FanKambaReggae, he organises and produces musical and artistic events (Lux Jazz Sessions, CHANGE, Back 2da Funk@Bicaense, Chocolate Flavours, CONTACTO, etc).

DJ Johnny has a weekly residency on Fridays at the Miami Beach, in Luanda

Johnny‘s diverse musical taste and experiences have plugged him in to the who‘s who of Portugal. As a popular DJ, his talent and passion has moved many,from underground parties to massive music festivals in the region, and beyond. From behind the turntables, Johnny played a major part in the evolution of dance music in the Portuguese clubs cene. Johnny has also captivated thousand of listeners though radio programs on RCP, XFM, Radio Marginal and Radio Oxigenio. Through this medium Johnny was one of the propelling forces behind the Portuguese drum’n’bass movement. Additionally,he invests in the crossing of jazz sonorities, souls, hip hop, Afro ridims, and dancehallreggae with the most modern languages of music. Yet,his universe extends way beyond that. Johnny is the Founding Member of the CooltrainCrew, Raska Sound System and FanKambaReggae, with whom he organizes and produces musical and artistic events, such as Lux Jazz Sessions, CHANGE, Bak2DaFunk and CONTACTO.

Project mentor

Cooltrain crew
Radio Oxigenio
Lux Jazz Sessions
Luanda Native Instruments Masterclass by Mark De Clive Lowe

Some 2011/2012/2017 reference works

Tate Modern – International modern and contemporary art (Londres)
Gulbenkian’s Jazz em Agosto Festival
Roots festival (Amsterdam)
Resident DJ and programmer for the Arte & Manha cultural space
Resident DJ and programmer for Out Jazz
Resident DJ and programmer for Mercado de Fusão Martim Moniz
Resident DJ at the Miami Summer Sessions (Miami Beach Luanda)
Resident DJ and programmer of Funk You Very Much (Miami Beach Luanda)
Host of Red Bull Music Academy with Black Coffee
Dj Web Summit 2017
Dj Vogue part y international
Resident DJ and programmer for Lx Jazz Sessions