DJ Lucky

Dj Lucky

Luquebano Sansão Afonso A.K.A Dj Lucky, Angolan and based in Portugal since 1991.

He was part of the Virgin Megastore and Valentim de Carvalho from 1998 to 2002 where he gathered and cultivated his musical knowledge.

With an eclectic performance style, his music could be presented in an art gallery, music festivals, bars, discos or private parties.

He is a mentor for the “Sounds Like Positive Thing” concept, a bridge between acoustic and electronic music, always culminating in the groove style.

In his Dj sets, Lucky plays jazz, soul, funk, disco, hip hop, dub, reggae, afro beat, sembas and funanas, latin & brazilian flavours and so on.

He takes part in many projects and groups in collaboration with other artists such as: “Afro Blu Djs”, “Funk Bus”. “Brother to Brother”, and “Kilimbo´s Brada”.

A regular participant in África Festival a project organized by the Câmara Municipal de Lisboa in Monsanto and Belém, as well as Out Jazz Festival which has been been going on for over 10 year in various gardens of the city between May and Septembre.

Beyond frontiers, Dj Lucky has performed in countries such as France, Germany, Angola, and has also been to Açores, Porto and Aveiro.