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Data protection policy
I am aware that the data is collected to subscribe to Evora Africa newsletter and provide information to allow the presentation of future offers. These details are supplied on a voluntary basis, on my own free will, with my informed, express and unequivocal consent.
Casa Cadaval - Associação Festival Évora Clássica is responsible for processing the data, with head office at Rua Augusto Filipe Simões, 7000-845 Évora, Portugal.
Under the terms of the law, I am guaranteed the right to access, rectify and eliminate my data, or to revoke my agreement to receive marketing messages at any time, needing only to send an e-mail message to or a letter by post to the data processing manager at the head office to do so. Upon receiving this message, my data shall be cancelled immediately, and access to them shall be blocked, and they shall be kept, if need be, only for the purpose of making sure legal or contractual obligations are complied with. The data shall be stored for a minimum of 10 years.
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